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All-Natural Eco Laundry Liquid - Australian Lavender 1L

All-Natural Eco Laundry Liquid - Australian Lavender 1L

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Gentle, Lavender Scented Laundry Liquid - Ideal Baby Laundry Liquid

The perfect baby laundry detergent - safe and natural with a gentle lavender scent!

 2019 Non-toxic Awards – Bronze Rosette Winner

 Unique plant-based formula

 No harsh residues to irritate skin

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Product Info

2019 Non-toxic Awards – Bronze Rosette Winner
Unique plant-based formula safe and gentle for baby’s clothes
No harsh residues to irritate your little one’s delicate skin
Safe and gentle for babies and mums to be
A hint of soothing lavender aroma after wash


Purified Water, Organic Saponified Coconut Oil, Organic Saponified Olive Oil, Coco Betain, Organic Soapwort Extract, Coco Glucoside, Sodium alpha olefin sulfonate, Seaweed Extract, Sodium Chloride, Potassium sorbate, Organic Lavender Extract, Organic Horsetail Extract, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Citric Acid, Lavender Essential Oil.

How To Use

With organic lavender extract, our laundry liquid has plenty of cleaning power to deal with the toughest dirt while still being gentle on fabrics.

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Your all-natural laundry partner

The relaxing, calming scent of our eco laundry liquid adds a refreshing element of aromatherapy to your everyday, while the antifungal and antiseptic properties of this organic oil ensure your fabrics are disinfected.

Naturally tackles the toughest of stains

Using the best of Mother Nature, this powerful natural laundry liquid will leaves your clothes looking spotless.

Keeps clothing & linens soft

With a gentle formula, this laundry liquid leaves clothes and linens soft to the touch.

Reduces any allergens or irritants

With only natural ingredients, this sensitive laundry liquid reduces allergens that cause asthma, skin irritation and intolerances.

“So beautiful with the fresh Australian lavender scent!”

Our formula is tried and tested by families across Australia. Here’s why mums love & recommend our eco laundry liquid:

  • 100% grey water safe
  • Safe & gentle for baby clothes
  • Thoroughly cleans without chemicals

Looking for the best baby detergent! This is it. Proven to protect your little one while leaving clothes fresh and clean time and time again.


Want to know some more? Here’s the answers to all your questions!

Is natural laundry liquid as effective as traditional laundry detergents?

Absolutely! Our natural laundry liquid is highly effective, using a unique plant-based formula that safely and efficiently unlocks and releases ground-in dirt. It tackles stubborn stains without relying on harsh chemicals, ensuring your clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash.

Is this natural laundry liquid safe for families and babies?

Yes, our laundry liquid is specifically crafted with families in mind and tested for exceptional safety. The plant-based formula is safe and gentle, making it ideal for baby’s clothes. It contains no harsh residues that could irritate delicate skin, leaving your little ones' clothes soft and fresh after each wash.

Why should I consider switching to natural laundry liquid?

Switching to our natural laundry liquid offers numerous benefits. It's free from harsh chemicals, making it a safer choice for your family's health. The plant-based formula is eco-friendly, and the absence of irritating residues ensures a gentle touch on your clothes, making it the perfect choice for a healthy and sustainable laundry routine.

How long does a 1L concentrated bottle of laundry liquid last for a family of four?

Our 1L concentrated bottle of laundry liquid is designed to last well over a month for a family of four. Its concentrated formula means you can use less while still achieving effective and fresh results in every wash, providing excellent value for a family's laundry needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ruby Morris
The best choice for our us

The lavender scent and the thick liquid texture are incredible. I've been searching for an eco-friendly laundry detergent for a while and finally found one that's perfect for both me and my baby. It has such an amazing smell, and our clothes were washed perfectly—all the stains came out, something I never expected from a gentle eco product. I always had reactions and severe itching with other laundry detergents, but thank you for your laundry liquid; it has saved my life. Of course, I use it every day for both me and my baby. Amazing!

Nat Sideras
All-Natural Eco Laundry Liquid - Australian Lavender

Such a beautiful laundry liquid! Left my clothes smelling amazingly fresh and love that it’s gentle and safe for my daughters clothes

I love the lavender scent

I was really surprised how good these are. It works really well. The clothes comes out clean and smells so good. Not overly strong either just enough that you can scent the lavender

Love it!!

I started using this laundry liquid recently and absolutely love it! We all have sensitive skin and this product is so gentle and makes clothes smell amazing.

Emma F
Great for sensitive skin and eczema

My little one had quite a reaction to some of his clothes, and we didn't even realise that it was our old laundry detergent until we tried this product. Would highly recommend for the little ones with sensitive skin or eczema, helped heaps and am going to try some other products now.