What Makes KidsBliss the Perfect Natural Products Partner?

What Makes KidsBliss the Perfect Natural Products Partner?

What Makes KidsBliss the Perfect Natural Products Partner?

At KidsBliss, we’re always happy to welcome retailers, wholesalers, and partners onboard to stock and sell our natural baby care and home cleaning products. But what makes us different from other product developers? Why do retailers and stockists choose our brand? Here’s what’s so special about KidsBliss!

Supporting Australian economic growth and local businesses

We’re proud to be a homegrown Aussie business and an active part of our community, growing the local economy. We’ve built a strong network at every level of our manufacturing process, from organic farmers and chemists to product developers and factory workers, supporting local Australian businesses and professionals.

So, when you partner with us, you’re supporting multiple different local businesses, not just one!

Protecting the natural environment

We believe that a natural, organic way of life is important for families and our local ecosystems. In Australia, we’re blessed with such a unique and diverse environment that can survive incredible natural events – from fire and flood to extreme temperatures. But this environment can’t survive humankind. We’re here to introduce a new way of life where communities are touched by the goodness of nature in every drop of our products and that none of these products damage our natural systems.

For us, showing customers the power of natural, native plant oils and extracts for their health and wellness is just as important as empowering them to protect the environment. That’s why every product is vegan, biodegradable, greywater friendly, and ecologically safe.

Making ethical, green living more accessible

Green living is a powerful trend that is sweeping through the world, and we want to make it a reality for Aussie families. For many parents, it’s time to say goodbye to products that use animal testing, that contains harsh chemicals and preservatives, and that cut corners with products that claim to provide care. We provide a functional, practical, and useful alternative, with every product complying with the highest national and international standards for ingredient purity, safety and ethical production. For us, it’s about giving parents the tools they need to live a life that aligns with their values without sacrificing convenience, time, and affordability. It’s about making green, ethical living easier and more accessible, and reaping the rewards by becoming the best parent they can be, for their kids and the planet.

Become a partner with KidsBliss – Supporting families and the planet

If you share these values and want to become a part of these important causes, KidsBliss is ready to sign you up as a stockist or wholesaler! We offer a wide range of products, from fragrance-free baby shampoo and bath wash to natural laundry liquid, sanitisers, surface cleaning products, and fruit and veggie wash. Just get in contact with our team and we’ll take you through our simple onboarding process and you can start selling the best gentle, pure baby care – naturally.

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