Tips for New Parents: How to Bathe Your Bub

Tips for New Parents: How to Bathe Your Bub

Tips for New Parents: How to Bathe Your Bub

When you’re a new parent, everyday activities that we’ve all been doing without a second thought suddenly become daunting challenges – and that includes bathing your bub! Here are some great tips on how to bathe a newborn to make it a fun, safe, bonding experience.

Firstly, don’t feel pressured to bathe your bub every day. Unless they’ve really gotten themselves sticky from head to toe, it’s better to have a proper bath every 2-3 days. They don’t sweat or get dirty like we do and bathing too frequently will strip their delicate skin of natural oils, which can make eczema, rashes, and itchy, dry skin more likely.

But when it’s time for a bath, here’s how to bath a newborn:

  • Use a small, plastic tub. You can place this in your bathtub or even in your kitchen sink, which is much easier for the first few weeks. For mums that have had a c-section, keeping the tub at waist height or a little higher is very important for not straining your healing abdomen.
  • Ready the room. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature, as newborns can quickly get chilled when their skin is damp. You can play some soothing, gentle instrumental music. Make sure there’s nothing likely to distract you – a pot on the stove, a phone call you’re expecting, or guests you need to let in. Put everything you’ll need close at hand – a soft, clean towel, washcloth, and baby bath and skincare products.
  • Fill the bath or sink with a small amount of warm water. You want there to be just enough water to wash your baby with, so don’t overfill the sink or tub. It should be lukewarm in summer or a bit warmer (about 37-38 degrees) in winter, so always test the water well. You can also fill a jug or two of warm water and place them nearby so you can easily rinse your bub off.
  • Take off your jewellery and wash your hands. This minimises germ transfer and reduces the risk of accidentally scratching your bub’s sensitive skin.
  • Start by gently washing your bub’s face. Use a clean, soft washcloth that’s been dampened to gently wipe their eyelids from the inner to the outer eye, then wash their whole face. No soap or cleanser is needed.
  • Undress and place your bub in the tub. Take their nappy off last and gently lower your bub into the bath feet first. Keep a good hold on your little one and cradle their head, letting them slowly rest down into the water on their back. Gently wash the warm water over their body. Rest their head out of the water and wash their bottom and genitals last, and clean out any crusties or messes from their body creases.
  • Use organic, natural, fragrance-free products. These products aren’t drying like soap, and they use the goodness of nature to gently clean and sanitise the skin without irritating it. A fragrance-free range is especially important for newborns, as strong scents can irritate their skin.
  • Never leave your bub alone in the bath. The most important thing during bath time is to be 100% present and never get distracted. If you are feeling exceptionally tired, in pain or overwhelmed, rather have your partner or a loved one assist you, or simply wipe your little one clean with a wet washcloth.

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