Our Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Guide

Our Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Guide

When you are on your pregnancy journey (whether you’re planning to get pregnant or already have good news), it seems like everything is suddenly banned! From medications to certain foods and ingredients, you have to become an expert label-watcher overnight – and that includes your skincare products. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how to keep your skin safely nourished and feeling great through your journey.

Baby, your skin is changing!

The process of pregnancy as well as pre-pregnancy healthcare will almost certainly change your skin’s needs, with changing hormone levels having a significant impact on your skin. Most mums-to-be and new mums experience:

  • Pregnancy glow – During the middle to later stages of pregnancy, your body is working really hard to support two humans. To make sure you’re both getting plenty of nutrients and oxygen, your body increases the amount of blood in circulation by around 50%! As a result of this increased circulation, mum’s-to-be typically experience luminous skin with slightly flushed, rosy cheeks, known as a pregnancy glow – and it’s great!
  • Acne – Hormone levels play a big part in acne, with hormonal swings resulting in an increase in sweat and sebaceous oil production. Typically, acne occurs postpartum as hormone levels try to readjust quickly. This can be worsened by sleep deprivation and stress as you adjust to your new family.
  • Redness, blotchiness, and skin sensitivity – As your blood circulation shifts and your body does the hard work of creating a little human, it’s only natural that other systems in your body take a little strain. As your skin is your largest organ, it’s easier to notice these side effects, which can include rashes, redness, blotchiness, and skin sensitivity. You should always talk to your doctor about new symptoms just to be safe, but these are fairly common issues during and after pregnancy.

How to safely and effectively treat your skin

The most important thing is to keep an eye on your skin and avoid products with ingredients that include retinoids, hydroquinone, high doses of salicylic acids, and oxybenzone. Ingredients in your skincare will be absorbed into your bloodstream, so whatever is in it must be good for you and harmless to your bub. In fact, most off-the-shelf skincare products are so filled with chemicals and unknown ingredients that we recommend you go back to the basics entirely rather than try to become a chemistry major! Here’s what to look for instead:

  • Organic ingredients – There’s a wide range of organic products out there, but for the most sensitive skin, we recommend that you use ACO certified organic products. These meet the highest standards for organic products in Australia, so you know that they are entirely safe and designed for very sensitive and reactive skin. These products are usually entirely fragrance-free too, so there are no natural scents that can trigger irritation or morning sickness. 
  • Natural ingredients – When it comes to pregnancy skincare, nature really does know best. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, and eucalyptus, will help soothe, nourish, and balance your skin’s biome, reducing redness, dryness, oil, and irritation. When looking at a skincare brand, be sure that it is 100% natural, tested by chemists for safety, and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.
  • Wide range – When your skin is feeling sensitive and in need of extra care, you need to look beyond moisturisers. The best brands ensure that everything that touches your skin is produced with the same commitment to high-quality, chemical-free, natural products. This includes laundry liquid and softeners (as the residue in off-the-shelf products can irritate your skin and damage fabric), kitchen and surface cleaning products, sanitisers, shampoos, and conditioners.
  • Family-friendly – To be good enough for you, products must be good enough for your new-born and the rest of your family too! Every member of your family deserves the same quality and the same care. And it also means that no product used during your pregnancy journey goes to waste.

KidsBliss – Helping you through your pregnancy journey and beyond!

At KidsBliss, we specialise in high quality, natural home care, skin care, and baby care products that help keep your bub, home, and family safe and nourished. Not only are our moisturises and washes organic and natural, but they’re also vegan, chemical-free, and fully biodegradable – making them safe for you, your bub, and the planet. Try out the best of nature to help your body stay healthy and nourished through your pregnancy and beyond.

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