How to Massage Your Baby

How to Massage Your Baby

How to Massage Your Baby

Everyone loves a good massage, even babies! Here’s some insight into the benefits of baby massage and how to do it, from the KidsBliss team.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

The first thing to remember is that the experience is beneficial to parents and babies. It’s a lovely way to get some quiet, peaceful downtime with your bub, to have some one-on-one bonding, and wind down after another hectic day.

For babies, this gentle physical process helps soothe the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing tension in the muscles, bringing tranquillity to the mind, and helping ready the body and mind for a good night’s sleep.

Massaging your bub’s belly is also beneficial to digestion, helping to ease symptoms of colic, constipation, or wind.

Finally, it helps support healthy circulation and breathing rhythms, stimulating growth hormones, relieving stress, easing sensory overload, promoting healing and health, and building brain development.

How to massage your bub

The best time to try to massage your little one is after a bath and before bedtime, although any time that’s not right after a big meal is fine. It’s also a good idea to use a warm, comfortable space that’s about 24-27 degrees Celsius, and make sure your bub is comfortable on a changing table, your bed, or a soft rug.

Start by seeing how your baby responds to being touched on their arms, legs, back, feet, hands, and chest to see what they like. Use firm but gentle strokes, starting from the toes and running up their body, and focus on creating a natural rhythm. When massaging their belly, use a soft, circular and clockwise motion to track the digestive process, and use your thumbs to gently stroke down each side of the breastbone like an open book. Another good tip is to massage in motions that move from the heart down to the limbs – for example, running your hands down from their chest to their shoulder and down their arm to their hand rather than in the other direction, as this is a more calming technique than running from the hand to their heart.

We find it’s best to use a gentle, baby-friendly lotion during the massage, as this will help your hands glide more easily and nourish the skin at the same time. If you want to help your little one to relax and ease them to sleep, we recommend using a natural and organic baby lotion that contains chamomile, aloe vera, and lavender to help promote a sleepy state of mind.

Pure, organic baby products for everyday life

Every KidsBliss baby product is packed with the goodness of nature, from our shampoos and bath products to our lotions and sanitisers. Our products are locally made, organic, and designed for mums and dads who want the best start for their little one through natural, earth-friendly products.

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