Fostering Creativity: 5 Summer Activities for 24-Month-Olds"

Fostering Creativity: 5 Summer Activities for 24-Month-Olds"

As the Australian summer radiates its warmth, it's the ideal season to stimulate your 24-month-old's creativity and imagination. Engaging in various activities not only keeps your little one entertained but also nurtures their developmental growth. Here are five delightful and educational activities designed to spark the imagination of your toddler:

1. Splash Art: Water Painting Adventure

On a sunny day, grab paintbrushes and water and head outdoors. Let your child create "splash art" by painting with water on the pavement or a chalkboard. The designs appear with each stroke and vanish as the water evaporates. This activity encourages creativity and allows your toddler to explore painting without the mess of actual paint.

2. Sensory Play: Homemade Playdough Fun

Set up a homemade playdough station by mixing flour, salt, water, and food coloring. Invite your child to explore and mold the playdough into various shapes and forms. This tactile experience stimulates sensory exploration and encourages fine motor skills development. It's a delightful way for your child to engage in open-ended play.

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3. Nature Exploration: Treasure Hunt in the Garden

Take a stroll in the backyard or a local park for a treasure hunt. Encourage your child to find natural treasures like colorful leaves, pebbles, or flowers. This outdoor adventure fosters curiosity and provides an opportunity for discovery and imaginative play.


4. Story Time: Imagination Unleashed

Inspire your child's love for storytelling by encouraging them to create a story. Employ props or drawings to embellish the tale. Engaging in this activity not only stimulates creativity but also enhances language skills and narrative development.

5. Music and Movement: DIY Instruments

Craft musical instruments using everyday household items. Turn a plastic bottle filled with rice into a shaker or pots and pans into drums. Encourage your child to make sounds and move to the rhythms they create. This activity supports creativity, rhythm development, and provides an opportunity for physical expression.

In addition to these activities, two specific areas stand out where KidsBliss products can be particularly helpful:

Water Play and Hygiene:

During activities involving water, such as the splash art adventure or exploring outdoors, clean hands are essential. KidsBliss offers gentle hand sanitizers that can keep your child's hands clean and free from germs. Ensuring proper hygiene allows for worry-free play and exploration.

Outdoor Exploration:

In settings where insects might be a concern, like during nature exploration or outdoor play, using KidsBliss organic Keep Bugs Away can help protect your child from bug bites. This provides peace of mind for both your child and you, allowing them to explore the outdoors comfortably.

These engaging activities not only provide entertainment but also contribute significantly to your child's developmental milestones, fostering creativity, exploration, and growth throughout this summer season.


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