5 Easy Wellness Habits to Bring Health into Everyday Life

5 Easy Wellness Habits to Bring Health into Everyday Life

5 Easy Wellness Habits to Bring Health into Everyday Life

Living a healthier, better life is not about putting pressure on yourself to be perfect. Instead, it’s about making small, everyday changes that we can easily incorporate into daily life. These are the little changes that add up into huge transformations over the years, and they’re more sustainable and rewarding as a result. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

#1 – Start loving smoothies

Cereals are surprisingly full of sugar and salt, even many more natural options. Muesli and granola are also very high energy, so even though they are healthier choices in many ways, starting your day off with a bowl can push your daily calories much higher. Smoothies are a great middle ground. The yogurt or milk adds protein to keep you full and calcium to strengthen bones, and it’s also an easy way to boost your fresh fruit intake. We recommend mixing a banana with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and goji berries to create a deliciously sweet and filling but healthy start to the day.

#2 – Practice meditation

Just 10 minutes of meditation each day helps to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels as well as lowering blood pressure, boost focus, and improve mental energy. While it’s a great idea to go through a meditation and mindfulness course to guide you through this activity, you can also read up on it on your own or use a meditation app like Insight Timer. The key is to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and simply focus on your breath, gently observing the thoughts and images as they move through your mind.

#3 – Introduce fun, short physical activities

Besides eating a nutritious and balanced diet, physical activity is the single most important thing we can do to support our mental and physical health. It improves sleep quality and mood, controls weight, stimulates digestion and healthy blood flow, lowers risks for dangerous health conditions, and even helps support social connections. And it doesn’t have to be hectic, high-intensity training – unless that’s what you want to do. Instead, try to have a 30-minute walk around your neighbourhood, beach or park, join a yoga or pilates class, or go for a swim. If you have kids, take them along with you to help pass this healthy habit on.

#4 – Plan and prep your meals

This one takes some active commitment and strategy, but it’s worthwhile even if you manage to do it just half the time. By planning your grocery shopping, you reduce food waste and have more options for recipes. You can also cook ahead of time and freeze portions for busier days when you simply don’t have time. This will also help eliminate stress and that rushed feeling that has us looking for the nearest takeaway, which can be an expensive and unhealthy habit!

#5 – Swap out for organic and natural products

There are wonderful organic and natural toiletries, skincare products, laundry, and house cleaning products out there, and it’s easier to make the swap than you may think! Most of our vegan, biodegradable and greywater friendly range is available right on our website for convenient shopping, and there are plenty of distributors and retailers offering them too. These products are gentle on skin (especially if you or your bub has skin sensitivity), nourishing to protect and soothe, and filled with the goodness of pure cold-pressed oils and extracts. There’s also a fragrance-free range if you have sensitive skin or senses. In just one shopping cart, you can make bathing, moisturising, laundry, and cleaning your home better for your body and the environment!

With just these five simple steps, you can make your family life a whole lot healthier, more sustainable, and earth-friendly – fuss-free!

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