Why Going Organic is Better for Baby

Why Going Organic is Better for Baby

Why Going Organic is Better for Baby

As new or soon-to-be-new parents, you understandably want the very best for your bub! Here’s why organic products are the best choice for helping your little one get the best start in life.

#1 – No pesticides

Organic products are grown without the use of pesticides, which can easily be transferred to consumers. When we use products that aren’t organic, we can absorb traces of pesticide through our skin and what we eat. Babies have a much smaller, more sensitive system than adults, making it easier for them to get a dose that puts their health at risk. And while all of us should try to avoid pesticide exposure whenever possible, it is especially important to keep these toxins far away from young children due to the potential acute and chronic effects.

#2 – No chemical additives

With organic products, every ingredient on the label is whole, recognisable and essential – there are no additives. Many manufacturers add chemicals to preserve a product, change its colour, change the flavour, or stabilise it. These additives can increase sugar, salt, and trans-fats in foods, making them less healthy, and they can trigger allergies and inflammation in a baby’s sensitive system. With organic products, what you see is what you get, and each stage of the growing, harvesting and processing of the product is transparent, ethical, and honest.

#3 – Better for the earth

Organic is also better for the planet! Most organic producers are actively supporting local farmers and producers, making earth-friendly and cruelty-free products, and ensuring that the process of creating and supplying you with the products you need is as eco-friendly as possible. After all, your little one needs a wonderful, clean, and healthy earth to live out their future!

#4 – Better for bubs

Organic products are designed with your bub’s best interests at heart. Organic food is safe, free from additives, and has more of the nutrition your little one needs to thrive. The baby care products contain the goodness of nature, are gentle on sensitive skin, reduce allergies and irritation, and help nourish hair and skin. Organic cotton clothing lasts longer, feels softer, and breathes more easily, helping your bub’s skin to stay soft, dry, and irritation-free. And whatever products aren’t used can safely biodegrade without harming the ecosystem or water table.

#5 – Suitable for all lifestyles

No matter your lifestyle, there’s organic baby products that will fit right in. These products are a great choice for people who love green living, who want to lower their carbon footprint, who are vegan, who want cruelty-free products, or who want biodegradable options. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or a rural area, organic baby products are available, affordable, and suitable for the life you want to lead.

KidsBliss offers a lovely range of natural and organic baby care products that adults, kids, and new-borns love. Not only are they made with the best natural ingredients, but they’re also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and greywater safe. Gentle on skin and delightful to smell, our products nourish your little one, make bedtime blissful, and help them thrive.

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