Why Buy Australia Certified Organic Baby Care Products?

Why Buy Australia Certified Organic Baby Care Products?

Why Buy Australia Certified Organic Baby Care Products?

There are so many different brands of baby care products out on the market today, all of them trying to convince you that they’re best for your baby. Today, we’re taking a look at products labelled ACO (Australia Certified Organic) to see what it really means for you and your bub.

What is ACO?

ACO Certification Ltd is Australia’s largest certifier of organic and biodynamic products. With over 2,000 operators, they examine products and materials over all sectors of the organic industry, ensuring that they meet strict national and international standards. They also ensure full product traceability, making the entire production process transparent to consumers from the source through to processing and logistics, right to the shop shelf.

This is the highest level of certification a product and supplier can achieve, and the program and standards are recognised by national and international trade bodies including the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources Australia, the US Department of Agriculture, IOAS, and others.

Why is ACO Certification Important?

Today’s mums and dads are more discerning than ever before. We want to know that every product we expose our children to has their best interests at heart. For us, that means products that not only gently clean and nourish their skin but care for the environment and world that they will one day inherit from us.

When something has been ACO certified, it means it’s been held up to the highest standards for quality, locally sourced, organic products. It’s more than just marketing or a buzzword – each producer has worked to meet rigorous requirements to ensure that you get the very best of the best for your bub – guaranteed.

What Goes into an ACO Certified Product?

So, here’s some idea of what a product has to go through to become ACO certified. Firstly, all the ingredients in the product have to be grown, harvested, and processed without using any pesticides or synthetic chemicals, including insecticides, fumigants, herbicides, and fungicides.

The ACO sets out the standards of exactly how these ingredients can be farmed and processed, auditing the supplier and the entire supply chain to make sure these standards are being met.

The certification process is an intensive one, and specific tests and requirements will be performed on the initial audit of the supplier. And this isn’t just a once-off process! Each year, your certification needs to be renewed, which means a new audit every 12 months and compliance with the latest guidelines.

KidsBliss – ACO Baby Bath and Shampoo Products That Put Your Family First

KidsBliss is proud to offer ACO certified baby bath and shampoo that are suitable for bubs and the whole family. We’re passionate about making the world a better place for your little one to grow up, which is why our products are not only natural and gentle, they’re vegan, grey water safe, and biodegradable too!

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