Tips and Tricks: Your Guide to Green Cleaning Your Home

Tips and Tricks: Your Guide to Green Cleaning Your Home

If you’re one of the many Aussies trying to live a more sustainable life, here are some tips and tricks to make one home cleaning chores green and eco-friendly!

#1 – Swap paper towel for reusable cloths 

Did you know that most paper towel contains plastic? And even if you’re using a pure paper variety, when you toss it in the bin it’s just more garbage heading to the landfill. Instead, buy reusable microfibre cloths or cotton cloths, divide them for use (for example, separating bathroom cleaning cloths from kitchen cloths) and simply throw in the washing machine when you’re done.

#2 – Say goodbye antibacterial chemical products 

Chemical antibacterial soaps and washes just aren’t that good for us or the environment. It’s not only a practice that is leading to less-treatable superbugs, but it also destroys healthy bacteria on your hands and in the water supply. If you use a greywater friendly option instead, it’s just as effective and you can use your wastewater on the garden.

#3 –Natural pest control

Boost your home’s cleanliness with some all-natural, long-lasting, and eco-friendly pest control – plants! Mint, lavender marigold, lemongrass, and chrysanthemums help repel mosquitoes, house flies, fruit flies, ticks, fleas, and other pesky bugs. They also smell great and look beautiful in your home, and can be used for cooking and making essential oils.

#4 – Clean your oven naturally 

There are few things in the home that are as difficult to clean as an oven! And its why so many people, even if they love sustainable living, can’t give up commercial oven cleaners. But as you’ll know from using them, these are very hazardous products. They can cause chemical burns, skin and eye burns/irritation, and respiratory issues. A better option for you and the environment is to combine ½ cup baking soda and 3 tablespoons of water into a paste. Wear rubber gloves and smear it all over the inside of your oven (not on the heating elements). Wait 20 minutes and wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth. 

#5 – By reputable green cleaning products 

Because sustainable living has taken off in recent years, there are a lot of products on the market that say they’re green on the label but aren’t as eco-friendly as they claim.Always buy your cleaning products from a reputable company that uses pure natural and organic products – and if you’re not sure, always read the ingredients label and Google anything you don’t recognise.

Locally-made, 100% natural and safe home care products for green living 

KidsBliss has been developing and selling high-quality, expertly-researched and developed green home cleaning products for over 20 years.We offer natural, eco-friendly and greywater safe baby care, skin care and home care products, including alcohol-free sanitisers, shampoos, bath washes, fruit and veg washes, laundry liquid, and surface cleaners. Every product is vegan and made using premium-quality pure essential oils and plant extracts, ensuring they are as gentle as they are powerful.

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