The Ultimate Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home This Autumn

The Ultimate Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home This Autumn

As the vibrant shades of autumn grace Australia, our little ones find new corners to explore and new heights to reach. This season of change is the perfect time to reassess the safety of our homes, ensuring they are a secure haven for our most precious explorers. Baby-proofing your home is a continuous process, adapting to each stage of your child's development. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to baby-proof your home this autumn, emphasizing the use of non-toxic cleaning products like KidsBliss's alcohol-free hand sanitizer, fruit veggie wash, everyday cleaner and laundry liquid to ensure a safe, clean environment for your family.

1. Secure Heavy Furniture and Electronics

Children are inherently curious and love to climb, making heavy furniture and electronics a significant risk. Secure bookshelves, TV units, and dressers to the wall with furniture straps to prevent tipping. Additionally, ensure that televisions are anchored securely or mounted to the wall.

2. Safeguard Against Sharp Corners

As your baby begins to crawl and walk, they are at eye level with many sharp corners and edges. Use edge and corner guards on coffee tables, counters, and any other furniture with sharp corners to minimize the risk of injuries.

3. Lock Away Hazardous Substances

Cleaning products, medications, and any toxic substances should be kept out of reach or in locked cabinets. With KidsBliss's fruit and vege wash, toy and table cleaner, and laundry liquid, you can eliminate one worry, knowing that even if your little one comes into contact with these cleaning essentials, they are free from harmful chemicals.

4. Protect Electrical Outlets

Curious fingers can find their way into the smallest spaces, including electrical outlets. Use outlet covers or plates to block access and protect your child from electrical hazards.

5. Window Safety

Prevent accidental falls by installing window guards or locks, especially on upper-story windows. Ensure that furniture is positioned away from windows to discourage climbing.

6. Non-Toxic Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial, especially in areas where your children play. Opt for non-toxic cleaning products like KidsBliss's alcohol-free hand sanitizer, fruit veggie wash and laundry liquid. These products ensure that your home is not only clean but also free from harsh chemicals, making it a safer environment for your child to explore.

7. Autumn-specific Considerations 

As leaves fall and outdoor play equipment gets damp and slippery, ensure that your indoor spaces are safe and stimulating for your child. Keep floors clear of tripping hazards and ensure that your home is adequately heated and free from drafts.

Incorporating KidsBliss's non-toxic cleaning products into your baby-proofing routine not only contributes to a safer environment but also instills a habit of choosing healthier alternatives for your home. By following this comprehensive checklist, you can enjoy the autumn season knowing that your home is prepared for your little one's adventures, providing peace of mind and more time for precious moments


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