Nature Play Keeps Your Little One Learning and Exploring

Nature Play Keeps Your Little One Learning and Exploring

Countless studies have shown that playing outdoors and exploring nature is beneficial to children, so it’s time to get outside in the sunshine and get those little feet wet! Here’s how it helps your little ones thrive.

  • Increases attention span – Lots of kids today seem like they have the attention span of a goldfish – and yet to be successful adults, it’s important to learn how to slow down, focus, and pay attention. Walking in the park, watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, and even seeing a long-distance view helps to prevent fatigue and eyestrain, as well as developing a stronger attention span.
  • Stress relief – Stress isn’t just for adults! With our busy lives, the hassle and bustle of modern living, and more, kids are feeling pretty stressed out. And stress isn’t good for growing minds and bodies, leading to higher cortisol levels, lower resilience, poor sleep quality, and strain on internal systems. Getting out into nature has been proven to lower stress levels, help prevent meltdowns and frustration, and even a stronger sense of self-worth. 
  • Physical health – Having a fit body isn’t just good for physical health and growth, it’s good for mental well-being too. Running around outdoors, playing sports, helping in the garden, building sandcastles, bicycling, and all other kinds of outdoor activities boost health in lasting, important ways. It also helps kids develop good habits as they get older, helping to prevent illness and disease. 
  • Makes learning interesting – Picture yourself sitting in a classroom while a teacher tells you how plants grow, or as you follow in your textbook. Can you feel your attention drifting and your eyes closing? But going out into nature and growing your own plant from a seed – that’s so much more exciting and rewarding! It teaches your kids how ecosystems work, sparks interest in science and biology, and develops an appreciation for the outside world and a passion for the planet. It’s more fun and interactive to learn outside, and it certainly doesn’t feel like learning at all! 
  • It’s suitable for all ages – From newborns to toddlers and teens, every kid can benefit from being outdoors in the fresh air. Just remember the sunscreen and to stay hydrated! Little ones in prams can see their new world while you push them through the park, toddlers can explore and help out in the garden, and everyone loves a camping trip or hike.

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