Natural Skincare Guide for Newborns

Natural Skincare Guide for Newborns

Naturally, you want to give your newborn the very best of everything! One of the main challenges of having a new baby is caring for their very delicate skin, which is so different to our own. Here are some tips for newborn skincare.

#1 – Use natural and organic products

Newborns have very sensitive skin that has a lot to deal with in the first months of life! From dry or hot weather to bathing, clothing, and nappy changes, it’s all new – and can be a lot for skin to handle. Proven safe natural and organic baby skincare is the best option for protecting, soothing, and nourishing newborn skin. It’s free of chemicals and fragrances that can trigger skin irritation and skin conditions and can help treat common skin issues like eczema, acne, rashes, and cradle cap. The top quality tested and pure products put your little one’s skin in the best hands.

#2 – Don’t over-bath your bub

Before your bub starts crawling, playing outside, and eating solids, they stay surprisingly clean! Bath time is a fun way to bond with your little one, but newborns can be just fine with a bath 3 times a week. It’s less work for you during this adjustment period, and it’s good for their skin too! When you do bathe your bub, use a gentle, fragrance-free product that’s gentle on their body and hair. Something enriched with natural essential oils and free of chemicals will nourish and moisturise their skin, preventing itchiness and dry skin.

#3 – Keep moisturising

The air and weather are very harsh on newborn skin, whether it’s dry, hot, or even polluted from city life. A great natural moisturiser will be your bub’s best friend and should be applied much more regularly than we moisturise our own skin. Moisturise every day in more humid weather, especially after bathing. You can apply the moisturiser as a gentle massage on no-bath days too. It’s also recommended to use a moisturiser just before you change your bub into a new, clean nappy. It’s very important that the moisturiser is fragrance-free and alcohol-free to prevent drying and skin irritation, and it should be absorbent, rich in essential oils, and free from additives too.

#4 – Sun protection

With our beautiful sunny weather, it’s difficult not to be outdoors – but if you do go out, sun protection is a must for delicate newborn skin. Don’t use traditional sunscreen, as it can cause rashes and skin reactions. Instead, keep your little one in the shade, use a baby hat that covers their nose and ears, and dress them in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that covers as much of their skin as possible. You should also try to stay out of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. After a day out, a quick 3-5 minute bath with a fragrance-free bath wash and a soothing, nourishing moisturiser will also help hydrate your bub’s skin.

Pure, organic baby products for newborns and babies

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