Natural Baby Care Starts Earlier Than You Think!

Natural Baby Care Starts Earlier Than You Think!

Natural Baby Care Starts Earlier Than You Think!

When we think about natural baby care, we tend to focus on what we’re going to bathe our little ones with, what we’re going to feed them, and how we’re going to clothe them. But the reality is that natural baby care can start when you’re pregnant! Here’s how to introduce the best care for your bub before they arrive in the world.

Benefits of natural skincare during pregnancy

Maybe you’ve been committed to natural, organic living for many years now, or maybe it’s something that’s become more important to you now that you’re starting a family. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to go through those everyday toiletries and skincare products you use and see if you can make changes that will work best for you and your little one.

Better care for you and your bub

Going organic with your skincare can make a noticeable difference because your skin is the body’s largest organ – and one of the most absorptive too. It’s also the organ that’s most exposed to harm. We’re talking about everything from cuts and bruises to absorbing air pollution, chemicals, and additives into the blood and body. And when you’re pregnant, you’re sharing this environment with your little one during some of the most crucial stages of development, so it makes sense to make it as safe and supportive as possible. While most well-known over the counter products are safe, many mums-to-be want to go the extra mile for their newborn to boost their health and that of their bub.

Natural and organic products don’t contain any harsh chemicals or toxins that can irritate your skin or harm your baby. Every step of the product development process, from growing ingredients to processing them into pampering goodies, is held to the highest international and national standards. There’s no parabens, no additives, no preservatives, and no colourants – just the goodness of nature.

Skin changes during pregnancy

Your body transforms in almost every way during the pregnancy process, affecting the position of your organs, your blood pressure, and even your brain. And it’s all controlled by hormones. And while these hormones are working hard to support your bub, these fluctuations often affect the skin. Mums can experience pregnancy acne, melasma (darkening of the skin), and dry skin along with stretch marks and spider veins. In some cases, mums also experience hair loss, hair growth, or changes in the condition of their hair.
Because of these changes, your care routines usually need to change too, and organic skincare can help. It will nourish your hair skin to help improve texture and elasticity while relieving irritation from dryness. They’re designed for very sensitive skin (in fact, our range is designed for newborns and toddlers, but they’re ideal for mums too!), soothing away aches and discomfort with natural, pure plant oils.

If you’re interested in going organic for your pregnancy and when your little one arrives, we recommend giving our KidsBliss range a try! It’s organic, pure, and natural. It’s also vegan and safe for the environment, reflecting our values for supporting local farmers and building a better world for your bub.

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