How to Become an Activist Brand – and Grow!

How to Become an Activist Brand – and Grow!

Activist brands are built by businesses who want to take a stand and see positive change in the world! They’re passionate about their purpose and cause, sharing their values, and showing customers how they can make a difference. Here’s why becoming an activist brand is a great idea – and how to do it.

The benefits of becoming an activist brand 

Okay, let’s start with the most obvious (and most important!) part. You get to use your business to do good for a cause you’re passionate about! So many people have realised that they want their businesses to do more than just make a sale – they want to make a difference. Having a sense of purpose and driving positive change in the world is more than a feel-good factor, as it shows everyone that no matter how small their contribution, we can become a community of good together.

But what other advantages are there?

  • Consumers love it –In a PwC Global survey, 53% of consumers chose to frequently support businesses with strong values who were vocal about doing the right thing. In Australia, 3-in-5 of consumers are more loyal to responsible brands, and half of them say it’s very important to their buying decisions that a business shows strong commitment to social or environmental responsibility.
  • It drives growth –According to Deloitte, brands that are driven by a greater purpose see much higher gains in market share and grow, on average, 3 times faster. This is because it builds trust with your consumers, helps attract employees, and makes you a more innovative business too! 

How to make brand activism work 

Of course, because you may be dealing with sensitive social topics, you want to carefully research the social, environmental, and ethical causes you want to support. You want to make a stand, but also attract an audience who shares it.

Next, you want to connect a cause with your business. For example, if you are a retailer or online store selling home cleaning products, you may want to support sustainability or green causes by expanding to natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly ranges.

Now connect with partners who can help your business grow and share your values. For example, you may not be able to manufacture your own green products, so it’s a good idea to bring on a supplier who has the right credentials and values to match your cause. Easy!

Finally, you want to bring this to the attention of your customers. And the best way to do this is to be genuine, informative, and authentic. Not only do you want green consumers to start buying your new range, but you also want to help other consumers realise the benefits that these products and values bring into their lives. Your brand only gets stronger the more green aspects you add to it, whether it’s products, sustainable logistics partners, or making your office a recycling-friendly and energy-saving space. This shows that you’re sincere in your cause, strengthening those benefits!

Go green and share your cause – Partner with KidsBliss! 

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