Eco-Friendly Products are Becoming More Accessible and Affordable

Eco-Friendly Products are Becoming More Accessible and Affordable

One of the main reasons why you might hesitate to buy an eco-friendly product is the price. And while staying on budget is important for any parent, the reality is that these products are actually becoming very affordable and very accessible for every Aussie mum and dad to use. Here’s why.

Eco-Friendly Living Has Gone Mainstream

Living a more eco-friendly life has become mainstream, whether it’s choosing a plant-based diet, buying organic produce, or finding eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household and personal products. And because this has become so popular, it’s bringing the price of organic and natural products down – which is great news for mums and dads as well as for the environment! Simply put, the more popular products become, the easier it is for brands to manage their costs and pass down savings to you, so every time you choose an eco-friendly product, you’re helping this happen!

Consumers are Recognising Value and Quality Over Cost

As consumers, we’re also getting a little savvier about what it is that we’re buying and the quality of the products on offer. For example, you may be able to get a baby skincare lotion for a couple of dollars, but does it last? How does your bub’s skin feel? Are they experiencing skin irritation? What is actually in that product and how can these chemicals affect their health? Buying a low-cost product just doesn’t deliver the quality ingredients and results that our bubs deserve. It simply makes more sense to buy a high-quality eco-friendly product that’s a bit more expensive in the short term but will deliver long-term savings by preventing skin irritation and trips to the doctor, long-term health issues, and costly damage to the environment.

Many of these products also last much longer because you need to use much less of the product. This is because these are made with pure, highly-effective ingredients rather than being diluted with filler ingredients, artificial additives, chemical preservatives, and other non-active ingredients. Per millilitre, you’re probably paying much more for the so-called cheaper product. Ouch!

Finally, it’s easier to check the quality of natural and organic products, so you know what it is you’re buying. Good brands adhere to strict production standards and quality control measures to ensure that only the purest, finest ingredients are being used – there are no substandard ingredients, no cutting the corners, and no unethical manufacturing to bring down the price through poor quality. The ingredients used in eco-friendly products are more expensive because of the care that has gone into growing, selecting, and processing every last one of them. This ensures that every bottle meets very high standards, ensuring that it lasts longer, does the job better, and protects your little one more effectively than cheaper brands.

At KidsBliss, we specialise in high quality, natural home care, skin care, and baby care products that help keep your bub, home, and family safe and nourished. Not only are our moisturises and washes organic and natural, but they’re also vegan, chemical-free, and fully biodegradable – making them safe for you, your bub, and the planet. Try out the goodness of nature to help your body stay healthy and nourished through your pregnancy and beyond.

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