#5 Tips for Shopping for Your Newborn

#5 Tips for Shopping for Your Newborn

Shopping for your newborn can be an exciting, tiring, and confusing experience all at the same time! Here are some tips to help simplify the process and make the most of every dollar spent.

#1 – Breathable, light, natural fabrics

Newborns have very thin, sensitive skin, so it’s very important to consider the materials that your little one’s clothes are made of. A lot of clothing contains cheap, synthetic fibres that can be harsh against the skin, trap moisture (which causes skin irritation) and contain dyes that are chemical irritants. To make your bub comfortable and support their skin health, it’s best to use light natural fabrics that are soft to the touch, keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter. Organic cotton, linen and wools will have natural dyes and no chemical additives to irritate the skin.

#2 – Stay away from too many trends

Fashion trends are fun, but it’s best to save them for a little bit later in your bub’s life! Heavily embellished, frilly, and accessorised clothing tends to cause itching and scratches, and can poke uncomfortably into your little one. Instead, look for clothes that are easy to wear and remove, that have a simple design and have no rough or scratchy tags.

#3 – Gentle laundry liquid

Commercial laundry liquids contain plenty of chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. These additives tend to leave a residue on clothing and linen that can trigger skin irritation and allergies, and they can make soft materials feel much rougher. It’s best to buy a natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free laundry liquid and fabric softener instead, as these plant-based formulas offer powerful cleaning without any residues, and are completely safe for families and newborns.

#4 – Think ahead

Bubs grow so quickly, racing through clothing at an incredible pace, so when you shop for clothes, always keep an eye out for what’s next. With seasonal sales and offers, you can plan for the year ahead and stay on budget, without leaving your bub’s wardrobe filled with great items they never got a chance to wear. Mums and dads quickly become masters of stockpiling for good reason, so subscribe to your favourite brands to pick up everyday items as they go on promotion, from shampoos and clothes to bed linen, nappies, and toys.

#5 – Go organic and natural with baby skincare

As we’ve already mentioned, newborn skin needs some extra gentle, extra special love and care, and another good way to do this is to choose high-quality organic and natural baby skincare products. We recommend that you look for a brand that is Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to ensure it has met strict criteria for purity, sustainability, and safety.

Nurturing, Organic Baby Care for Newborns – Naturally

KidsBliss is a proudly Australian company specialising in natural and organic baby skincare and household products that are chemical-free, environmentally friendly, vegan, and locally-produced. Our range includes award-winning plant-based laundry liquid and fabric softener, as well as ACO alcohol-free sanitiser, and ACO fragrance-free bath wash and shampoo.

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